So people keep asking me what I did this weekend. Which is a standard Monday question, and usually my standard answer is “nuthin – just chilled” which is true, I take it easy, but it’s not as boring as it sounds. That is my reflex answer, which I have several of. Ask me how I am, I say “fine”- even when I’m upset. Ask me how something was, I say “it was cool”- even if it wasn’t. I give standard answers not because I don’t want to say what I do (sometimes I don’t remember what I did) but I know that whoever is asking isn’t trying to hear an entire monologue of my weekend. I have realized though that standard answers can kill conversations, and in my quest to be more open with people I need to get rid of standard answers and start creating a little dialog. So…wanna know what I did this weekend?

Hit the LES for a party at Stay Fri night. You know it was a good party when your friend winds up trashed on your couch.

Met Sheryl backstage at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Sonic Youth Concert in Williamsburg on Saturday. I went hoping to see YYYs but they went on first and I missed it. I got to stalk them backstage for a bit though…and I got to watch Sonic Youth from side stage.

Back to Williamsburg (I love Williamsburg!) on Sunday to see Questlove. Concert was free at Macarren park so I met up with friends to check it out. I’m not a celebrity freak, but if I ever decide to stalk a celebrity, it would be Questlove. Drummer/DJ/Philosopher. He was DJing between band sets. He was on point as usual with sets full of old school rap, hip hop, funk and soul scratched and cut to perfection. I couldn’t stop bobbin my head.

Sunday night I met up with the girls at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater to see Assscat- a totally improvised comedy show. The funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

So ask me what I did this weekend? Nuthin – just chilled. 🙂

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