NY1 did a story this morning about the plethora of sexy costumes this year. Things that aren’t normally sexy have been turned into sexy. There is a sexy cab driver outfit – a yellow mini dress with checkers on it. Interesting, my cab drivers never wear yellow or are sexy. There is a sexy firewomen costume – another mini dress, but this one comes with a hard hat…oooh. I have to mention sexy Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz – mini dress, lots of cleavage and thigh high stockings. This is the Dorthy that got it on with the Tin Man in the porn version…which I’ve seen by the way. So NY1 asks some random girl her thoughts on the costumes this year. She says “It’s the time of year when girls can dress sexy and not be called something bad”. She says this with a straight face as she is standing there in a sexy cop outfit, but wait, this is the sexier cop outfit, because she is dressed in the dark blue mini and the light blue cop shirt, but her shirt is a belly shirt. Mmmmm…yeah…good luck with people not calling you a ho. I’m not against sexy, but there is sexy and then there is slutty. I just want the ladies to have a little dignity. I went to a party this weekend and what party wouldn’t be complete without a hundred playboy bunnies- ladies in there bras and panties with bunny ears on. Come on. My friends and I are going to be just plain old sexy for Halloween. Jeans, t-shirts, boots, accessories – it’s easy, because we are sexy everyday and don’t need wack costumes to prove it.

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