Random Thoughts in Alphabetical Order Con’t.

Q is for:

Question: What the fuck starts with Q?

R is for:

Respect: Hard to earn, but damn easy to lose…

S is for:

Softball: The season is starting. I need to get back on a team, but it is so hard to find a good all-girl league. The league I was in last year was so disorganized my team couldn’t deal anymore. Of course, there were also internal problems when some of the girls started sleeping with each other; hating each other; quitting. It was like desperate housewives / the L word, but on the field.

T is for:

Therapy: Don’t act like you don’t need it. You are a hot mess just like the rest of us.

U is for:

Uranus: If you have beef, this is where you can stick it.

V is for:

Vacation: It’s time for another one. I’m leaning towards Spain.

W is for:

Weddings: Do yourself and everyone else favor. Elope!

X is for:

X: It marks the spot. This is why it is so disappointing that there are still men out there that can’t find the spot.

Y is for:

Yankees: My gram loved baseball. She liked nothing better than to sit in her rocking chair and crochet a blanket while watching the Yankees. I would lie on the couch and read. I miss it.

Z is for:

Zeppelin: Somehow, in the chaos of splitting up and moving out, my Led Zeppelin box set got rerouted to my ex’s apartment. He could’ve had the fucking crock pot; I want my box set back!

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