Panties off!

I can now say my summer is complete. The Beastie Boy concert last night was incredible; Crazy energy on stage and in the crowd. There weren’t over the top effects, just the three of them and Mix Master Mike doing what they do best. Amid our dancing and drunken haze Kristin screamed “panties off”. I can’t remember why she said it, might have had something to do with the hot FDNY guys hangin by the beer tent, regardless the phrase stuck with me this morning. I feel like it’s a good idiom to the end (almost) of a great summer…like “Hat’s off”…but I don’t wear hats in the summer.

So “Panties off” to the Beasties and the other amazing concerts I hit; to all the sangria I drank; to all the roof top bars; to all the frogs I kissed (where the f are the princes?). Now I’m ready for the second half of the year. I’ve got Greece soon, Vegas not long after, grad school, and I’m ditching xmas dinner at Aunt Dara’s (wait till she hears this – it will be a blog unto itself) and riding a mountain somewhere out West.

I’m lookin forward. So far so good.

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