Women’s Interests??

I’ve had it with women’s magazines. There is a huge section in Barnes and Noble housing “Women’s Interests” magazines. It is the largest section of all the mags–right next to the huge section of bridal mags (dont get me started). Apparently all we women care about is makeup, clothes, dieting, sex and why men (insert anything your boyfriend ever did to piss you off here); the latter taking up about 50% of the magazine. For instance, how many articles can one read about why men cheat? I would like to see an article say “Wanna know why your man cheats? ASK HIM!” rather than some psychologist delving into the male psyche. And god forbid anyone say “break up with his ass!” instead there is some 10 step way that YOU can save the relationship. Right!

Then there are the ads for products…products to make you look younger, products to make you look hotter, products to make you look slimmer-I could go on. Whatever it is you feel is wrong with you, have no fear, there seems to be a product that will fix that right up! And then there is the new make-up and colors for the season. This is what we are supposed to look like for the next 6 months…or else we wont get a man.

I suppose these serve a purpose, but I hate that they are labeled “Women’s Interests”. There are lots of women like myself interested in gadgets, video games, new music and dvds, but you have to go to the tiny men’s and lifestyle interests sections to get info on those. There are great women’s magazines out there, like Bust, that have intelligent things to say and don’t focus on how you look, but they are few and far between.

Kinda sucks…thats all I’m sayin.

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