I hate Match.com. After attending a birthday where not one, but two, of my friends introduced me to guys thet met on Match.com, I immediately went home and signed up. It’s been 6 weeks and no dice. Within the first two weeks I sent 26 emails to the guys who, according to the Match.com fairy, are supposed to be my match, and have gotten 0 responses. In general, I get about ten winks a day from guys who are absolutely not my match, but I respond to some of them with the hopes that the frog in the picture will turn out to be a prince. Guys like “Goodnlong” and “MistahG….” I have been solicited for sex twice and every time I log on I get an IM from a 50 year old in Massachusetts-he put me in his “favorite” category. I went on one date with a nice Ethiopian guy about a month ago. There was no chemistry, but it was good practice. Recently I got a wink from a white guy who could be cute (the picture is a little dark), but he has a thing for the Muppets. His profile states that he is looking for a girl who doesn’t mind cuddling on the couch and watching old Muppet Dvds. He also stresses that any girl who’s favorite Muppet was Miss Piggy need not apply. My favorite was Animal, so I emailed him. I have heard zilch! Not even the Muppet guy wants to date me. WTF???!?!!!

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