Teenage Girls know more than we think

Some nights I have a re-charge night where I read or watch a movie, moisturize my hair, do some yoga, and take a hot bath…just try to relax and get back in my body.

I feel like I am taking care of myself, which feels great. The flip side is I am also more aware of the physical changes that come with age.

At 35 I am by no means old, but it blows my mind that I, a former gymnast, can’t stretch my upper body down to the floor the way I used to. That my legs are showing more faint blue veins on my calves, the circles under my eyes are darker, and I now get small pimples around my jaw and hair-line.

I happened to be looking for a new moisturizer online when I recently came across a video blog of a young girl giving a make-up and skin care tutorial. Not only was she stunning, but she spoke in a very confident manner when talking about the products she was about to show.

After watching so many talk shows, reading articles, and watching movies (aka Twilight) that showcase insecure teenage girls, this blew my mind. In 15 minutes, she gave an easy and cheap-all drug store product-make up tutorial that I wished I would have had the confidence to wear in high school. And each skin care product she used contributed to her beautiful skin; again all drugstore. And no, there wasn’t a zit on this cutie.

I tried the make-up look and you know what…I look good. Watch out Kim K! I also tried some of the other make-up looks she vlogged and I’m glad I did! Now I have a few new make-up looks for the summer using eye shadow colors that I don’t normally use and tips on how to keep your make-up from melting off in the heat.

Something as small as updating my make-up routine and finding a good spot treatment gave me a little boost in the confidence department. And to think it’s because there are young girls out there sharing what they know and channeling some of their strength into older girls like me.

Kudos young ladies.  And thank you.

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