Too Young?

I saw my essay posted in on Friday and did a double take.  I’ve come a long way from journaling about my crap marriage to being a writer of personal essays that publications actually want to buy.  Crazy!  But maybe not.  I have a story, lots of stories actually, and at 35 years old I don’t think that is abnormal.  Which is why I was bothered today when a guy (a sorta date) I met for a walk through the park asked “What kind of writing do you do?”

“Memoir,” I said.  “I’m shopping around my proposal right now.”

“Really?  You seem too young to write a memoir.”

“What do you mean?  I’m 35.  I have a story.  Everyone has a story…”  I say this thinking its naive for someone almost ten years older than me to say that.

He has a story.  We all have a story.  That breastfeeding baby I saw in his mothers arms in the park has a story.  Is that baby too young?  Hell no.  Breastfeeding looks traumatic.  He’ll probably have a memoir about it in 20 years.

If you’ve lived, you have a story.  Too young?  There’s no such thing.

One response to “Too Young?”

  1. Tamara, you have a great sense of humor and sense of life. Natalie Goldberg wrote a wonderful book on memoir writing and she echoes your thoughts. Bravo to you for your publication on CNN.

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