Are you lost in translation, Dr. Laura?

I’m enraged.  It could be that I am jet lagged in Hong Kong right now and it is 645 am…no, it’s because Dr. Laura Schlessinger bullied a black caller on her radio show; calling her hypersensitive, blaming black activists for making the nation “hypersensitive,” and using the N-word over, and over, and over, and over again.  I had to write her, and I did. 

As a biracial (black / white) woman, I have seen my share of prejudice and have been on the receiving end of the N-word, but I wasn’t so much upset at your use in context of the N-word as I was by how you dismissed the caller’s response to her husband’s friend asking her “What do black people think about …?” as hypersensitive. Here is an idea…black people think just like white people. We have brains and thoughts…just like white people. But that fact that someone has to define it as a black thought makes it racists.  It is a subtle way of discriminating…which is racism.

I am sorry that you couldn’t answer that question, or help that caller, which is why you reduced her to a hypersensitive black girl which you later state, is the fault of black activists. Wow. She wasn’t hypersensitive…you were. And I hope your black bodyguard told you to go fuck yourself.

The chip on the shoulder was yours and I am glad you are resigning. You don’t deserve to help people when you can’t help yourself. You are the worst. And you embody what is wrong with this country when it comes to race.


Tamara Lynch-Non hypersensitive black girl.

It’s not my best letter, but it gets the job done.  I should have noted that hypersensitivity didn’t come from black activists…it came from slavery.

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