Finally! ELLE mag hit one out of the park

Finally all those skinny bitches can go home.  There is a new girl in town.  She’s big, she’s black, and she’s beautiful.  I love that I can say that, correction, that “we” can say that.  This means a lot to me as a black woman, and is a milestone for women like my best friend-who is a happy, healthy, fabulous size 22. 

I am however upset that there is controversy over whether her skin has been lightened or not…to be honest, I think that is just media crap.  I read something that said Gab’s predecessors didn’t get lightened.  Umm…how can you tell?  Can you really tell me that Megan Fox didn’t get a little photo shop on her skin color.  No, you prob can’t, because she is already white as snow.  Stop taking this moment away from Gabourey.  You can still tell she is amazing and that is all I care about.

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