Intuition Friday

My intuition is telling me today that you know he has a girlfriend.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  You sexy, smart, successful women running around with that loser who texts or IMs you constantly, but almost never calls.  That fool who doesn’t have a thing to say to you other than “I can’t wait to get you naked.”   Sure, it’s exciting, for all of six months, then you start to feel that gnaw in your gut that tells you it’s not going to last, but you ignore it, because you have inundated yourself with fantasies that he will come around and realize you two are soul  mates.  Doesn’t matter that he has never taken you to dinner or a movie…but he has excuses for that, and you except them because you want to.

Deep down you know you are too good for this.  You want to ask yourself “Where is this going?”  And sometimes you do, but just then he sends a text, and you forget all about your reservations.  He won’t stop texting you.  Yeah girl…you have him by his dick don’t you?

No. You don’t.  Please wake up.  He has a wifey or some naive twenty year old girlfriend waiting around for him while he makes himself happy doing whatever he wants.  Trust me, I’ve been there, done this…twice!  I was the other girl, and I was stupid; sold myself short for a few quick-and I mean quick-rolls in the sack.  Ugh, over it.

Your intuition is your life line to the truth.  Use it!  If you feel that gnaw in your gut, listen and listen good.  Oh and don’t blame it all on him, he didn’t do this by himself.

Break it off!

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