Intuition Thursday:Get ready for change

My intuition is telling me that things are going to change very soon.   This exhausting pace you have set for yourself is running you into the ground and the universe has scheduled you for an intervention.  My sources are telling me its going to be a lover.  This person isn’t “the one”, but the sex is going to be out of control.  You will be so physically depleted from nightly romps that you will have no choice but to slow down.  All that socializing with friends and coworkers that you are doing right now is going to take a backseat to the bedroom time you’ll be putting in.  You better stock up on food now and get anything that can be eaten in bed.  And don’t worry about hitting the gym; just hit the sack…its going to be a bumpy, and I mean bumpy, ride.  But you’ll like where it’s taking you.

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