Intuition Thursday: The Game of Life

This weekend I was channel surfing and ended up watching about 10 mins of Kendra On E!  Now, I don’t usually watch this show.  I started catching the show sporadically when I found out the couple moved to Philly, and as a PA native, I felt a weird sense of PA pride.  As horrible as the show is (seriously she’s in sweat pants with her hair in a pony tail most of the time complaining that she isn’t sexy anymore.  And it’s true. She’s not.), I like to see what the backdrop of my hood looks like on reality TV.  However, the part I caught this weekend made me think the universe was freakin’ talking to me.  Here, a concierge in Kendra’s apartment building was schooling Kendra’s gay assistant about creative visualization. 

Now I had just convinced myself this week that I needed to have a more positive mindset so 2011 can be all I want it to be.  With that said I started re-reading Florence Shinn’s The Game of Life and How to Play it which was published in 1925, way before The Secret, and breaks down what she considers to be spiritual laws-two notable are the laws of attraction and creative visualization.  It’s a teeny tiny book, but sort of powerful and even more intriguing since it was written 86 years ago.  I recommend.

So to give a rough play by play of what happened on Kendra, her gay assistant was nervous about outing himself to his parents and the concierge tells him to use creative visualization and focus on the outcome that he wants from the discussion.  Then he goes on to say that he, the concierge, has been practicing creative visualization for a while and has been focusing on bringing a specific partner into his life.  Someone who is, I quote “sorta famous.” He says this with a straight face, in his cute little concierge outfit.  When asked who his dream guy is (the concierge is gay too) he immediately picks up the phone and calls his “oracle” aka his mother.  This is a mock version of what you hear:

“Mom, If I tell someone who my creative visualization is about, will it not come true?”

*listens to the Oracle over the phone*

“You know…the rapper.”

died when I heard this, because we all know he is not going to get that rapper.  Then I started thinking of the rapper that I have been dreaming (more like obsessing) about and was like “oh, I’m not going to get my rapper either.”  Why not you ask?  Because as the law of attraction states, you need to set things in motion to do so.  You gotta work for it!  Just sitting around and wishing isn’t going to do it.  My dream of running into my boo at a party isn’t going to happen, because A. I’ve never met him, and B. I’m not famous.

So here is my realization about the game of life. Ready…because it’s never been said before…it’s so unique it will blow your mind…I’m not sure you will even be able to understand it…here it goes… 

You get back what you put in. 

OMG, I know you don’t even know what to do with yourself right now that your mind is so blown! 

All kidding aside, I need this reminder every once in a while.  I haven’t met my rapper, or put any effort into meeting my rapper, so what makes me think he is going to fall out of the sky and drop into my bed?  Wishful thinking.  Not to be confused with Creative Visualization.   

So I think the universe WAS talking to me, but really hinting that I need to get out there and MAKE STEPS toward my goals: lose weight, keep writing, get famous (I slay myself).  Reap what I sow, basically.  Not sit around and wish on a star.  Ok 2011, it’s on like Donkey Kong, sowing and reaping starts now!

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