Word Up Wednesdays: Gimmie My Money!

OMG it’s almost here…TAX SEASON!  Literally in like a week I should be getting my W-2.  My hands itch just thinking about it.  I’m coming for my money IRS! 

I’m like the “True Grit” of taxable Americans, itemizing every tiny little deduction I can and prying it from the Gov’s grubby hands.  That’s right, I LOVE tax time.  I treat my taxes like a game or puzzle, trying my best to get more back than I did last year.  I already have an idea in my head of how much I think I will get back.  I’m single, I take school classes, I have work related expenses…ohhhhh I can feel that check coming.  And because I use Turbo Tax and file electronically, I get my refund back in like a month.  No Joke.

There may be a snag this year though.  I was laid off for a few months and had to collect unemployment.  This may eat into my refund a bit, but since I didn’t make as much money this year and my expenses stayed the same, there is a possibility I may be ok.  Fingers crossed!

So let’s say I did get my fat refund.  What should I do with the money?  I could pay off my debt (crowd yells boooooo) or I could go to Miami (crowd cheers!).  I’ll let my creative visualization practice help me out. 

 I am visualizing myself at the beach, in a bikini, with a pina colada in hand…..   

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