The Dothraki King and Queen of multicultural beauty. #interracial #GameOfThrones

“God made multiracial babies beautiful to reward their parents for loving another race.” 

This is what my friend Anthony told me in grade school (which his grandma told him) after some kids had called me the “N” word.  Looking at the pic below, apparently it’s true.

Not only have I always had a girl crush on Denise Huxtable, but her boyfriend is the only reason I watch Game of Thrones (HBO).  Who doesn’t want to see this half-naked 24/7?

Lisa Bonet is African American and Jewish.  Jason Momoa is Native Hawaiian, German, Irish, and Native American.  (That’s a mouthful…and so is he I bet. Yum!)

I don’t think I’ve seen a hotter couple.  Meanwhile, they have two kids who are also stunning.

Sigh…enjoy the beauty.


2 responses to “The Dothraki King and Queen of multicultural beauty. #interracial #GameOfThrones”

  1. So much for watching Game of Thrones. I’m with you – his character (and hotness) was a major reason why I even watched it. Now they killed off the character. Who was the braniac writer behind THAT idea???

  2. Interested in learning Dothraki how do i say King?

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