I shook Soledad O’Brien’s hand yesterday and had no clue who she was. #embarrassed

Have you ever seen the Black in America series?  Me too, I love it.  Soledad O’Brian, a CNN news anchor, journalist, and host of Black in America, has been a positive and unyielding voice on race and culture in this country and I always enjoy watching her on CNN, which is why I’m upset with myself that when a coworker presented her at my desk, I didn’t recognize her and didn’t give her my full attention.  I gave her a blank smile and handshake, and turned back to my computer.  She was all smiles though, genuine, dressed in understated casual clothing, and as I shook her hand, I remember thinking she was very pretty, who ever she was.  We can argue that my co-worker did a poor job of A) saying her name clearly and B) announcing she was here (Honestly, we talk some shit up in this joint. On any given day you can hear the words  pussy, fuck, bitch, ho, and n***er.  Loud.  Some notice would have been nice.)    If I could do it over, I’d say “So nice to meet you. I love your work and look forward to Black in America 3!”  Big smile on face.  I can only hope she stops back again. 

One response to “I shook Soledad O’Brien’s hand yesterday and had no clue who she was. #embarrassed”

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