The French love their “wee wee.” Oui Oui!

The beautiful Parisian shopping mall of Printemps has more than just designer clothing, it has a designer bathroom.  Like all designer things, you must pay.  La toilette can be used for 1.50 euros ($1.94 usd), but you get a personal valet that walks you to your chamber, a spotless perfumed throne, fluffy neon colored toilet paper (shown), and luxury soaps at the sink.  Don’t be alarmed if your valet is waiting for you when you exit. It is his job to wipe down the porcelain immediately after use.  Not bad for $2.00 bucks.  Sure beats waiting in line with grandma, the grand-kids, and the baby with the dirty diaper.  I was so impressed that I bought some toilet paper in pink and orange for home.  Crazy, I know, but it wasn’t just a pit stop, it was an experience.

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