3 thoughts on “Whole Foods loves your curly African American locks! #Haircare #Wholefoods

  1. caroline1t says:

    Whole Foods is the craziest store you never know what you’re going to find. My good friend has similar hair and I’m forwarding your advice. I’m sure she’ll be very appreciative!

  2. hoggpen57 says:

    If Whole Foods is so concerned about African Americans, why don’t they have more stores in black communities? I can’t afford their food and I receive food stamps. And don’t try to use an EBT card in Whole Foods unless you enjoy being glared at as if you were from another planet. I got a free gift card from the Santa Monica store earlier this year because I sent in a complaint.

  3. Tamara Lynch says:

    Well I hear that Wholefoods is coming into south Brooklyn, so maybe they are making headway. I can’t always afford Whole Foods either, but I’ll take free, good advice when it comes to having healthier hair. Its interesting that the natural oils and products that are actually better for our hair, are not mass marketed, not in special packaging, and therefore less expensive than the crap at our favorite drug stores. I stopped relaxers and switched to natural products last year and my hair is completely different. And I can only get these products at natural health stores like wholefoods. As far as EBT cards go, this is New York, lots of people use them in Whole Foods, even white people.

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