Thank God It’s Over #nanowrimo



For the past thirty days I have been writing my ass off to achieve the coveted 50,000 word bench mark for National Novel Writing Month aka Nanowrimo. Guess who killed it. I wrote a novel, bitches. And I got this cool banner to prove it. (Let’s pretend the little black girl jumping up and down in the Viking hat is me. Sound the Viking horn!).

Now all I have to do is edit the beast, submit it to publishers & agents, try not to slit my wrists when the rejection letters start pouring in, continue to submit to anyone that will read it, and keep my fingers crossed that it finds a home. Can’t wait… 

“I hate writing, I love having written.” -Dorothy Parker










3 responses to “Thank God It’s Over #nanowrimo”

  1. Congratulations! Such a triumphant feeling! I hit my 50k words, but my story is only halfway complete so I’ve still got a struggle ahead of me.

  2. Thanks! Congrats to you as well and good luck with the rest of your book!

  3. That’s awesome T!! Your work hard woman..
    Good on you xoxo

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