Michael Sam’s Gay Swirl Kiss #MichaelSam #TheSwirl

michaelsMichael Sam was so happy to be drafted by the St. Louis Rams this past Saturday that he turned around and kissed his little Italian BF Vito on the lips…on ESPN.  And the crowd went wild!  All the haters ran to their twitter accounts, including Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones who tweeted “horrible” and “OMG” after the kiss aired. The Dolphins have since made a statement  supporting Michael Sam and denouncing Jones’s comments.  And Jones of course has apologized and deleted his tweets, but he wasn’t the only “phobe” to sling the hate.  Other NFL players piped up, but they were quickly smacked down by both ESPN and the NFL, who have found a bevy of marketing potential in Michael Sam. Notice how every time someone mentions Michael Sam they state that he is gay?  Yeah. No one calls out that he’s black, or cute, but they make is a point to say he is gay.  “Openly gay football player Michael Sam” might as well be his government name.  Michael has become the Kim Kardashian if the NFL and they are going to milk him for all he is worth.  Regardless of the hype, history has been made. Congrats to Michael Sam for being the first openly gay draft pick—we say openly because you know half of the NFL is in the closet—and congrats on his italian swirlly swirl.

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