Do What Scares You

I did it, the scariest thing ever.  I read my Madonna and Me essay last night in front of strangers.  Public speaking is NOT something I enjoy, but I challenged myself with the notion that if I want to do this, be a writer, then this speaking in front of people thing may be in my future.  So I dived in.  I made it through and the crowd laughed at all the right places, so I think it went pretty well. At least I thought so until I saw this picture-are those two guys asleep?  Wake up!!

I shook Soledad O’Brien’s hand yesterday and had no clue who she was. #embarrassed

Have you ever seen the Black in America series?  Me too, I love it.  Soledad O’Brian, a CNN news anchor, journalist, and host of Black in America, has been a positive and unyielding voice on race and culture in this country and I always enjoy watching her on CNN, which is why I’m upset with myself that when a coworker presented her at my desk, I didn’t recognize her and didn’t give her my full attention.  I gave her a blank smile and handshake, and turned back to my computer.  She was all smiles though, genuine, dressed in understated casual clothing, and as I shook her hand, I remember thinking she was very pretty, who ever she was.  We can argue that my co-worker did a poor job of A) saying her name clearly and B) announcing she was here (Honestly, we talk some shit up in this joint. On any given day you can hear the words  pussy, fuck, bitch, ho, and n***er.  Loud.  Some notice would have been nice.)    If I could do it over, I’d say “So nice to meet you. I love your work and look forward to Black in America 3!”  Big smile on face.  I can only hope she stops back again. 

For Trayvon;For us All. #millionhoodies #Vigils4Trayvon

This is my best friend Lovett.  He is an educated, professional, creative black man who wears hoodies-even when it’s not raining.  Lovett just had a baby boy; a beautiful brown skinned child who will one day be a teenager who wears hoodies.   Wearing a hoodie shouldn’t make you a suspect. Being black shouldn’t make your life expendable.  I pray for justice for Trayvon Martin.  I pray for justice for us all. 

March.Sign.Participate HERE.

My “Madonna & Me” essay Madonna is Down with the Swirl is up at!

It’s been an exciting few weeks! Madonna & Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop is out in bookstores and online.  And the lovely ladies at published the essay I contributed, Madonna is Down with the Swirl, about how Madonna supported interracial relationships and gave courage to a young biracial girl, me.

First you need to read my essay at TheFrisky.

Then you need to purchase Madonna & Me online or at your local bookstores. Order right now at


Richard and Mildred Loving exiled from Virginia for their interracial marriage in 1958. #HBODocumentary #theLovingstory

“God created the races and placed them on separate continents to show that he didn’t want the races to mix.”—everyman. Virginia, 1958.

“I love my wife, and it’s just unfair that I can’t live with her.”-Richard Loving during court proceedings.

The courts pressured the Lovings to live apart. They fought to stay together. Click here for the NY times write-up.


Wearing Poom Poom shorts everyday-even in Winter-will get you a Valentine. #Vday

Only one girl in my office got flowers today…she wears Poom Poom shorts everyday.  Errryday!  During the summer she has bare legs; during the winter there are tights.  Regardless, her ass cheeks are constantly visible.  I’m pretty sure this is why she got flowers. Don’t know what Poom Pooms are?  Here is Rihanna rocking her winter Poom Pooms during the Grammys this past Sunday, and of course she has summer pooms.  Awwww, cute and raunchy all at the same time.


My deduction, get Poom Poom shorts.  And rock them Errrywhere!  Your ass cheeks and your new valentine will be grateful.

You want Jason Moma naked? #needit #dirtyminds

According to my annual blog report, “Jason Moma Naked” was one of the most searched phrases that got my blog some hits in 2011.  Sadly, I had no naked pics of Jason Moma.  Sorry kids.  Meanwhile, if I’d had those pics, I probably would have kept them to myself for masturbation purposes.  But I like your dirty minds, readers.  It gives me hope, and ideas, for 2012.

Happy Dirty New Year!