Kayne Disses Beck. Twitter Disses Kanye.

Is Twitter over Kanye?  I know I am. Once again, Kanye went nuts at the Grammys when Beyonce lost to Beck for album of the year.  It was a surprise, I get it, but be respectful. Beck is talented!  And one tweeter @DrewsThatDude relayed it perfectly.










Why does Kanye think Beyonce deserves an award every time she takes a shit?

Photo cred: @TheFatJewish

Black Actress and White Boyfriend “Showing Affection”; Mistaken for “Ho” and “Trick” by LAPD.

wattsOh, it’s all over the news about Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas, better known as celebrity chef Cheffy Be*Live (rolling my eyes), being harassed by LAPD this weekend.  And I just watched the CNN live interview this morning. Honestly, I do think it was racial profiling.  I also think I would have done the same thing in her situation.  But what were they doing in that car????

Daniele is sticking to her story that she was “showing affection.” Very vague. They were showing so much affection that someone called the cops! And they called 911–this is an emergency??  I hate LA.  I don’t think D and Cheffy were having sex, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a BJ was involved. Or a handjob.  She was, however, talking to her father on the phone when the police showed up…so there’s that. *eyebrow raise* Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Who knows what they were doing, but Cheffy Be*Live gave the best run down of the situation. [The police] “saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO & a TRICK .” End Quote. Love it.

Do you think it was pure racial profiling?
Do you think there were some lewd acts going on in the car?
Do you think it was a little of both?

Zoe’s Swirl Is Finally On Parade #TheSwirl

2014 AOL NewFronts - Presentation/VIPMarried about a year now, Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego have apparently made their first public appearance as a couple. They recently swirled up the red carpet at AOLs NewFronts event. But who the F is this guy? Here is what I’ve uncovered:

1. He’s from Italy and his first steps into America landed him in New York on 104th street. How did he get from Spanish Harlem to Zoe Saldana?  That accent I bet.

prego2. He’s a painter and sculptor.  I’m told this is his. Those aren’t gum balls, people. It’s art.

3. He’s an ex-soccer star. Aren’t they all?

4. He meditates everyday and worked for over a year with a doctor to detox himself and transform his life. Yeah, he’s one of those. I guess it worked though.

5. He tattooed Zoe’s face on his arm. Umm…that’s the kiss of death for any relationship. But I’m going to stay positive.

So he sounds like a unicorn, but so is she. In 2013, Zoe told Allure Magazine that she loves men, but she might end up raising children with a woman. She also called herself androgynous. What? Well, Marco does have long hair.  Maybe Zoe likes it when Marco puts his hair up in a ponytail and bakes cookies. Who knows what goes on, but let’s give it up for the androgynous unicorn swirl.

Old School for the New School: Afrika Bambaataa is Teaching Hip-Hop 101 to Your Kids. #Cornelluniversity #hiphop

Even if you don’t know him, you know him.  Hip-Hop Icon Afrika Bambaataa brought you Renegades of Funk, Just get up and Dance, and Planet Rock (Everyone knows Planet Rock). And now he will teach it to the world.  Cornell University, a private Ivy league research university in Ithaca, NY, has offered him a three term deal as a visiting scholar to teach Hip-Hop music and culture. South Bronx in the house! Meanwhile, Cornell’s library holds the largest national archive of hip-hop culture.  I’m completely serious… and a little pissed that I didn’t know about this when I decided to go to PITT.  However, I am 100 years old, so they were probably building it at the time.

How do I get in this class?  How can I get my friends in?  Just the other day my 25 year old coworker looked at a flyer for a party we were attending and said “who’s da-see-eff-x?”  Das EFX, fool!  Please Afrika, help them.

Now I want to hear Planet Rock.

I can ignore “Kimye” no longer #theinterracialKenandBarbie

As someone who is biracial, who champions interracial relationships, and just published an essay on “the swirl,” I should be ecstatic about the whole Kim and Kanye “Kimye”thing.  Sadly I can’t stand either of them, which is why it has taken me so long to comment, but as I follow the blogs I can see some positives.  Kim has finally found someone as shallow and attention seeking as herself. And Kayne is once again f*cking a walking talking fashion magazine;one full of gloss with no interesting articles or opinions. They are like the black and white Ken and Barbie.  I imagine they talk about fashion and…well that’s about it.  They are actually perfect for each other, which is so damn hard to find, so congrats to them both.