I’m Only Seeing MAD MAX Because the Men’s Rights Activists are Riled Up!


Oh, and because I fantasize about Tom Hardy.  But mostly it’s because of those pesky men’s rights activists. Apparently, the new MAD MAX is just too feminist.  I didn’t realize men were so oppressed these days. I mean, did someone take away their reproductive rights?  Or their right to vote? Maybe they are only making 70% on the dollar. Poor guys.  Click here for the full CNN article.

Year of the Sheep? Or the Goat? Which is it?












Apparently it’s both.  Chinese culture recognizes Ram, Sheep, and Goat as all proper translations for “yang”- the mandarin term for this year’s animal symbol.  As yang is the masculine half of the Taoist yin yang, you may assume our little goat/sheep/ram is male, but 2015 is actually a female year. Could we be in for some peace, tranquility, and love?  Hope so.

Here is a picture of “Yang” from Streetfighter.  Pretty sure this is what my year will look like.


Black Actress and White Boyfriend “Showing Affection”; Mistaken for “Ho” and “Trick” by LAPD.

wattsOh, it’s all over the news about Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas, better known as celebrity chef Cheffy Be*Live (rolling my eyes), being harassed by LAPD this weekend.  And I just watched the CNN live interview this morning. Honestly, I do think it was racial profiling.  I also think I would have done the same thing in her situation.  But what were they doing in that car????

Daniele is sticking to her story that she was “showing affection.” Very vague. They were showing so much affection that someone called the cops! And they called 911–this is an emergency??  I hate LA.  I don’t think D and Cheffy were having sex, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a BJ was involved. Or a handjob.  She was, however, talking to her father on the phone when the police showed up…so there’s that. *eyebrow raise* Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Who knows what they were doing, but Cheffy Be*Live gave the best run down of the situation. [The police] “saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO & a TRICK .” End Quote. Love it.

Do you think it was pure racial profiling?
Do you think there were some lewd acts going on in the car?
Do you think it was a little of both?

WTF Wednesday: This Is What Your Favorite Disney Prince’s Peen Looks Like. #youcanthandleit #jezebel

princeOmg.  The ladies of Jezebel have once again defamed the cult magic that is Disney with yet another post designed to completely ruin your favorite childhood vehicles for brainwashing characters. Wanna know what your favorite Disney Prince’s penis looks like?  Well here it is in full illustrated form. Disney’s Dudes’ Dicks does not disappoint. It’s all there, with commentary. Let me tell you right now-you aren’t ready for this. Prince Charming has a dick, you guys!  And it’s incredible.  I don’t know whether to laugh or get turned on cry!

Seriously, WTF goes on in the Jezebel offices?  I have this image of girls running around in french panties and heels yelling, “I want to write about dicks!” While another group of girls yells, “I want to write about vaginas!”  And then a singular voice of reason gets on a megaphone and says, “Let’s write about dicks and vaginas!” Cue confetti raining from the sky and everyone jumping up and down in celebration. Pretty sure this happens every day. Oh wait, I can’t talk…that’s all I want to write about too…