TBT: Remember when the University of Wisconsin Photoshopped a Black Student into their application booklet?

wisconsinYep.  In 2000, UW tried to make their milky white campus look a little more tan.  They photoshopped a picture of black student Diallo Shabazz into their promotional materials. And they did it over and over again without his knowledge.  You can see his head in the duplicate image on the right.

“Diallo sued. He didn’t ask for a settlement. He said that he wanted a “budgetary apology.” He asked that, in compensation, the University put aside money for actual recruitment of minority students. He won.” -the Society Pages. Read the rest here.

Inspired by #blackoncampus.

What Went Wrong Last Week: Balmain x H&M

They are calling it the H&M Balmain frenzy. Around the world, people risked their lives and harmed others to get their hands on the designer collaboration. I think people actually lost their hands. The videos are insane and you must watch them.  Every one of them.  Don’t worry, that sick feeling in your stomach is normal, but I urge you to replay them over and over. It’s the only way to catch the hunger in the customers eyes and the fear on the store associates faces.  See if you can spot the store associate who almost died trying to pick up an empty T-stand off the floor.  I thought she was a goner.

In three months, when that dress falls apart, these girls are going to feel like assholes. Awesome write up and more videos on Hypebeast.


I’m Only Seeing MAD MAX Because the Men’s Rights Activists are Riled Up!


Oh, and because I fantasize about Tom Hardy.  But mostly it’s because of those pesky men’s rights activists. Apparently, the new MAD MAX is just too feminist.  I didn’t realize men were so oppressed these days. I mean, did someone take away their reproductive rights?  Or their right to vote? Maybe they are only making 70% on the dollar. Poor guys.  Click here for the full CNN article.

Year of the Sheep? Or the Goat? Which is it?












Apparently it’s both.  Chinese culture recognizes Ram, Sheep, and Goat as all proper translations for “yang”- the mandarin term for this year’s animal symbol.  As yang is the masculine half of the Taoist yin yang, you may assume our little goat/sheep/ram is male, but 2015 is actually a female year. Could we be in for some peace, tranquility, and love?  Hope so.

Here is a picture of “Yang” from Streetfighter.  Pretty sure this is what my year will look like.


Kayne Disses Beck. Twitter Disses Kanye.

Is Twitter over Kanye?  I know I am. Once again, Kanye went nuts at the Grammys when Beyonce lost to Beck for album of the year.  It was a surprise, I get it, but be respectful. Beck is talented!  And one tweeter @DrewsThatDude relayed it perfectly.










Why does Kanye think Beyonce deserves an award every time she takes a shit?

Photo cred: @TheFatJewish

Five Things I Hope The Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Does Better Than The Book.

fifty-shades-thumbI’m still on the fence about seeing Fifty Shades of Grey the movie this Valentine’s Day. Honestly, the only draw for me is Jamie Dornan. I’ve just finished watching both seasons of The Fall and am now in full blown Jamie withdraw. But even his hotness can’t squelch my hesitation to sit through this story again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the sexier scenes, but there are several things throughout the trilogy that could have used a stronger edit.

Here are five that I hope the movie version can eradicate.

1. Anastasia’s annoying inner dialog: All of those “Oh Christian’s” and that strange elvish inner vixen that stomps her foot and bats her eyelashes-WTF?? They have got to go!

2. Anastasia’s ignorance of the 21st century:  These days an American twenty-two year old virgin college senior is rare, but possible.  But an American twenty-two year old virgin college senior with no cell phone, laptop, or internet knowledge is a fucking joke. That, my friend, is what we call an unbelievable character. If you know someone that fits this description, then Unicorns are real.

3. The fake BDSM:  Being tied up, blindfolded, paddled, and fucked hard as punishment is not BDSM. For some it’s just a Saturday night.

4. All peripheral women are depicted as thirsty whores:  From the waitresses to the architect, every woman that Christian comes in contact with becomes a walking vagina weeping for his dick, so much so that they can’t help but to squirm and smile into his eyes, in front of Ana.  Really? Must all women be simpering idiots in this story?

5. Anastasia’s dull personality: Sadly, Anastasia isn’t interesting. At all. She’s like an Amish farm girl who’s been pushed into her rumspringa.  She’s even less interesting than her inspiration Bella, who was bland, I believe, on purpose to contrast her more vibrant vampire self. Too bad Ana has no such transformation.  It’s on Dakota Johnson to bring Ana to life. Keep your fingers crossed.

In most cases the book is better than the movie, this time I hope it’s the other way around. Tell me, are you going to go see Fifty Shades?

MTV takes a stand on race, goes black and white for #MLK day. #blacklivesmatter


MTVDon’t freak out, there is nothing wrong with  your TV set.  MTV has just decided to air all of its programming in black in white today for MLK.  I’m taking a day for Dr. King, for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Wenjian Liu, Rafael Ramos, and the thousands of minority homicide victims that go unjustified everyday in this country. RIP.