Year of the Sheep? Or the Goat? Which is it?












Apparently it’s both.  Chinese culture recognizes Ram, Sheep, and Goat as all proper translations for “yang”- the mandarin term for this year’s animal symbol.  As yang is the masculine half of the Taoist yin yang, you may assume our little goat/sheep/ram is male, but 2015 is actually a female year. Could we be in for some peace, tranquility, and love?  Hope so.

Here is a picture of “Yang” from Streetfighter.  Pretty sure this is what my year will look like.


American Eagle get’s “REAL.” #UnretouchedAds #AerieREAL

o-AMERICAN-EAGLE-UNRETOUCHED-570American Eagle Outfitters has launched a Spring 2014 campaign using un-airbrushed / un-retouched ads. It’s a powerful statement about body image from a brand who’s demographic is 15-21 year old girls-that age range when your body and all of it’s changes is still a bit of a mystery.  Kudos AE.  With more campaigns like these, I hope our young ladies can shake off that feeling of being flawed, and realize that they are flawless.

Read a full article and see some more un-retouched pics on Huff Post.




Old School for the New School: Afrika Bambaataa is Teaching Hip-Hop 101 to Your Kids. #Cornelluniversity #hiphop

Even if you don’t know him, you know him.  Hip-Hop Icon Afrika Bambaataa brought you Renegades of Funk, Just get up and Dance, and Planet Rock (Everyone knows Planet Rock). And now he will teach it to the world.  Cornell University, a private Ivy league research university in Ithaca, NY, has offered him a three term deal as a visiting scholar to teach Hip-Hop music and culture. South Bronx in the house! Meanwhile, Cornell’s library holds the largest national archive of hip-hop culture.  I’m completely serious… and a little pissed that I didn’t know about this when I decided to go to PITT.  However, I am 100 years old, so they were probably building it at the time.

How do I get in this class?  How can I get my friends in?  Just the other day my 25 year old coworker looked at a flyer for a party we were attending and said “who’s da-see-eff-x?”  Das EFX, fool!  Please Afrika, help them.

Now I want to hear Planet Rock.

Intuition Thursday:Get ready for change

My intuition is telling me that things are going to change very soon.   This exhausting pace you have set for yourself is running you into the ground and the universe has scheduled you for an intervention.  My sources are telling me its going to be a lover.  This person isn’t “the one”, but the sex is going to be out of control.  You will be so physically depleted from nightly romps that you will have no choice but to slow down.  All that socializing with friends and coworkers that you are doing right now is going to take a backseat to the bedroom time you’ll be putting in.  You better stock up on food now and get anything that can be eaten in bed.  And don’t worry about hitting the gym; just hit the sack…its going to be a bumpy, and I mean bumpy, ride.  But you’ll like where it’s taking you.

Intuition Friday

My intuition is telling me today that you know he has a girlfriend.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  You sexy, smart, successful women running around with that loser who texts or IMs you constantly, but almost never calls.  That fool who doesn’t have a thing to say to you other than “I can’t wait to get you naked.”   Sure, it’s exciting, for all of six months, then you start to feel that gnaw in your gut that tells you it’s not going to last, but you ignore it, because you have inundated yourself with fantasies that he will come around and realize you two are soul  mates.  Doesn’t matter that he has never taken you to dinner or a movie…but he has excuses for that, and you except them because you want to.

Deep down you know you are too good for this.  You want to ask yourself “Where is this going?”  And sometimes you do, but just then he sends a text, and you forget all about your reservations.  He won’t stop texting you.  Yeah girl…you have him by his dick don’t you?

No. You don’t.  Please wake up.  He has a wifey or some naive twenty year old girlfriend waiting around for him while he makes himself happy doing whatever he wants.  Trust me, I’ve been there, done this…twice!  I was the other girl, and I was stupid; sold myself short for a few quick-and I mean quick-rolls in the sack.  Ugh, over it.

Your intuition is your life line to the truth.  Use it!  If you feel that gnaw in your gut, listen and listen good.  Oh and don’t blame it all on him, he didn’t do this by himself.

Break it off!

Wake up call Wednesday

It’s December.  How in the fuck is it already December? In three weeks I will officially be one year older. I was trying to ignore it, but I have already gotten three wake up calls: Foley + Corina has already sent me a little gift certificate for my birthday. So has Borders, and I’m waiting for my free birthday reading at With the internet age, you can’t get away from it. It bombards you and makes you feel like you have to bombard others. Last month I sent a birthday text to a friend and then felt obligated to put it on her Facebook because all of our friends were putting it on her Facebook and I didn’t want everyone else to think I forgot. Fucking Facebook! I miss the days when I could forget about my birthday. I miss the days when you could forget about someone else’s birthday and send a belated birthday card…and no one was pissed. Now you have no excuse except this one.

Speaking of being bombarded with B-days, Kim Kardashian has been slapping us in the face with all of her wining about turning 30 and how OLD and HAGGARD she feels. Welcome to the third floor Kimmi! We saved a seat for you. By the way, in case they didn’t tell you, your natural metabolism slows down, which means your naturally fat ass is going to win out on you. Talk about a wake up call! Now that I’ve vented, I’m done hating on my bday. Fuck it. I was born, I’m still here, I’m going to take it like a woman.

Thanks for the Romance

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” — Nora Roberts

 Whhhaaaat? Nora Roberts is my girl! I plucked this off of the She Writes website because I am having a particularly tough week and this perked me up a bit. Let me tell you something, many a romance novel has gotten me through the black hole of adolescence. Period pieces were my favorite back then.  Where men wore shirt sleeves (no idea what these are) and women wore petticoats (ewww), but these were all discarded in a frenzy of discrete lust. Sometimes when I’m lonely, which seems to be more often lately, I’ll pick one up and re-read. I have several Nora’s along with about a dozen other authors I picked up along the way.

Thank you to the romance authors for the fun fantasy and a great escape.