I can ignore “Kimye” no longer #theinterracialKenandBarbie

As someone who is biracial, who champions interracial relationships, and just published an essay on “the swirl,” I should be ecstatic about the whole Kim and Kanye “Kimye”thing.  Sadly I can’t stand either of them, which is why it has taken me so long to comment, but as I follow the blogs I can see some positives.  Kim has finally found someone as shallow and attention seeking as herself. And Kayne is once again f*cking a walking talking fashion magazine;one full of gloss with no interesting articles or opinions. They are like the black and white Ken and Barbie.  I imagine they talk about fashion and…well that’s about it.  They are actually perfect for each other, which is so damn hard to find, so congrats to them both.

My “Madonna & Me” essay Madonna is Down with the Swirl is up at TheFrisky.com!

It’s been an exciting few weeks! Madonna & Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop is out in bookstores and online.  And the lovely ladies at TheFrisky.com published the essay I contributed, Madonna is Down with the Swirl, about how Madonna supported interracial relationships and gave courage to a young biracial girl, me.

First you need to read my essay at TheFrisky.

Then you need to purchase Madonna & Me online or at your local bookstores. Order right now at Amazon.com.


Celebrity Psychic thinks that Heidi and Seal will reunite! #heidiklumdivorce #celebritypsychicpredictions

I was distraught when I heard my fave swirl couple was going to split, but I stumbled upon a ray of light this morning.  Celebrity Psychic Barb Powell told Astrochicks.com that she thought they would work it out.  Barb even insinuated the reports were a possible publicity stunt.  Hmmmmm.  I believe the latter.  Remember when Seal let Heidi perform with him at the 2008 Victoria Secret fashion show? *cringe* Clearly they are madly in love, because love is blind…and obviously deaf.

Click below for Barb’s full prediction.


You want Jason Moma naked? #needit #dirtyminds

According to my annual blog report, “Jason Moma Naked” was one of the most searched phrases that got my blog some hits in 2011.  Sadly, I had no naked pics of Jason Moma.  Sorry kids.  Meanwhile, if I’d had those pics, I probably would have kept them to myself for masturbation purposes.  But I like your dirty minds, readers.  It gives me hope, and ideas, for 2012.

Happy Dirty New Year!