TBT: Remember when the University of Wisconsin Photoshopped a Black Student into their application booklet?

wisconsinYep.  In 2000, UW tried to make their milky white campus look a little more tan.  They photoshopped a picture of black student Diallo Shabazz into their promotional materials. And they did it over and over again without his knowledge.  You can see his head in the duplicate image on the right.

“Diallo sued. He didn’t ask for a settlement. He said that he wanted a “budgetary apology.” He asked that, in compensation, the University put aside money for actual recruitment of minority students. He won.” -the Society Pages. Read the rest here.

Inspired by #blackoncampus.

MTV takes a stand on race, goes black and white for #MLK day. #blacklivesmatter

MTVDon’t freak out, there is nothing wrong with  your TV set.  MTV has just decided to air all of its programming in black in white today for MLK.  I’m taking a day for Dr. King, for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Wenjian Liu, Rafael Ramos, and the thousands of minority homicide victims that go unjustified everyday in this country. RIP.

NEWSFLASH:Diveristy Is The New Black

diversityA few days ago, MSN and online media company Interactive One held an event at the 40/40 club to celebrate their partnership and MSN’s foray into our burgeoning multicultural world.  Isn’t funny how companies actually need help to find us?  According to IO’s Chief Content Officer, census data shows that minorities will be the majority in the near future. This is only a newsflash to those in denial.  I won’t say which race I am taking about, but they are paler than me. Check out more details here at Honeymag.com

The French love their “wee wee.” Oui Oui!

The beautiful Parisian shopping mall of Printemps has more than just designer clothing, it has a designer bathroom.  Like all designer things, you must pay.  La toilette can be used for 1.50 euros ($1.94 usd), but you get a personal valet that walks you to your chamber, a spotless perfumed throne, fluffy neon colored toilet paper (shown), and luxury soaps at the sink.  Don’t be alarmed if your valet is waiting for you when you exit. It is his job to wipe down the porcelain immediately after use.  Not bad for $2.00 bucks.  Sure beats waiting in line with grandma, the grand-kids, and the baby with the dirty diaper.  I was so impressed that I bought some toilet paper in pink and orange for home.  Crazy, I know, but it wasn’t just a pit stop, it was an experience.

Just when I thought there were no gentlemen left, I found one. #chivarlyisntdeadyet

I was running late for work this morning and walked briskly to the coffee shop down the block. This is a daily ritual, the lateness and the coffee.  With only another 50 feet to go, a man appeared in my peripheral vision then zoomed past me, out legging me with each step and heading straight for my café!  I was a few steps behind him, and visibly annoyed, but just as he got to the window he turned.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off.”

“Oh, thank you.” I said and proceeded to the window.

I bet my eyebrows were at my hairline. He was sorta cute, but all that chivalry made him gorgeous.  With all the elbow jostling and space hogging from the millions of douche bags on the train and at the bar (these a-holes are why I’m single, not that Tracy McMillan bullshit), it’s hard not to find a guy like this and fall instantly in love. 

He must be a regular like me, because the barrister had both of our coffees in hand.  Two iced coffees with half-n-half.  Soul mates!  I got my coffee and told him to have a nice day. Then I marked the time (yeah, I did.)  I might be able to arrange another run in at the coffee shop tomorrow.  Sometimes soul mates need a little help.